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Choose to work with Legacy Wealth Management and you’re choosing a relationship. One in which personalized attention and an understanding of your specific goals is our spring board.

Choose to work with us, and you’re choosing a strategic approach toward making your goals become reality. We formulate a roadmap designed for success predicated upon your priorities and the resources you have at hand. We then design a portfolio to encompass your individual investment profile, provide oversight and hands on support to help keep you on track.


We are not exclusive to any bank or fund so we come with no-strings-attached.


We make your financial goals a personal priority. We get to know you, learn what makes you tick, uncover your dreams, and help you sketch a plan that makes them a reality.


We are backed by a formidable investment management team at IPC. We understand the markets and leverage the changes that make the most impact for you.


We tailor plans to suit your stage-of-life, plans and milestones.


We follow the Personal Wealth Management Strategy, a disciplined process designed to help us plan and keep your plans on track.


We believe in financial plans that work for you. Getting you to your dreams is the stuff that makes us excited!


Legacy Wealth Management is a fully integrated financial planning and investment boutique, specializing in Total Wealthcare (TM).
At Legacy Wealth Management & IPC Securities Corporation, we make a commitment to the families, businesses and individuals we partner with. Our focus is to provide strategies and solutions that are integral to your financial peace of mind, now and in future.



Dream More

No matter how you envision your financial future, Legacy Wealth Management can help you turn your dreams into reality. We don’t just help demystify the complex world of wealth management, we will help chart a course that is personalized to you and your family.

So, whatever your dream may be, we can help you live it.

Legacy Wealth Management Specializes In:



Financial Separation & Divorce Planning


Women & Wealth


Retirement Cash Flow Experts

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Introducing Alternative Investments

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19 June, 2018

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4 April, 2018

Intelligent Investor: Wealth Transfer

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The Cost of Advice

Understanding the different fee models and what each gets you is the start of any good planning exercise.
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The Value of Advice

One-and-done is not how financial plans work. Life takes you places, priorities change, and your plans need to keep up. That’s where independent advisors, like us, can help keep you on your financial course.
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