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The Cost of Advice


Understanding the Cost of Advice

“A tourist lost in the country, stops his car to ask a local farmer how to get to his destination. The farmer answers; “Well I wouldn’t be starting from here”.

 As with any service that brings value, there is a cost in relation to the effort and skill afforded the process; in our case, the value of the financial advice we deliver. This is true regardless of the investment plan and/or investment solution, and regardless of whom you may be working with.  Fees and costs will vary and depend upon the structure of your Advisor’s fee model.  It’s important to understand the choices available to you.  We adhere to a transparent fee-based model since we believe that it is our client’s right, and privilege, to know exactly what they are paying., and further, what they are paying for,

These are some of the factors that will influence the fees you pay:

  • the level and type of service you wish to achieve

  • your recommended portfolio management solutions

  • the aggregate total of the investments you are asking us to manage

Determining a fee structure that’s right for you will also depend upon your personal investing preference.  We help to identify that preference throughout our discussions with you.  For more information, please Contact us .”